Denmark Community Windfarm


In November of 2002, Paul Llewellyn and Andrew Woodroffe explored the possibility of a windfarm for Denmark. Similar to the Albany windfarm, Denmark's own would be sized to match the local load, the township of Denmark.

Paul had lived in the area for 14 years and was able to run the idea past others in the community who might be interested. That group evolved into Denmark Community Windfarm Inc, DCW Inc.

We researched the Denmark Shire for a suitable location for a windfarm. Given the small size of the project compared to other grid connected windfarms around the country, we were after a very high wind site.

In July, 2003 SkyFarming put up a monitoring mast, right, to confirm the wind resource and the results were very encouraging.

The activities and events both SkyFarming and DCW Inc have been involved in were outlined on this website. These details and material about the project are now on the website below,

SkyFarming is currently project managing the installation of the windfarm.


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